Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery
Personal project | Product, graphic

'Delivery of warmth to disaster-stricken areas'
When houses have been destroyed through disaster, we will have to be housed in refugee-camps, possibly for as long as several months, until temporary houses are built. In such harsh condition, people are more likely to become ill, due to the mental stress and exhaustion encountered. Therefore, warming your body, as well as having access to hot meals, can provide mental encouragement.
Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery is a set of emergency items, which can help to reduce the negative effects of refuge life. Made from an oil drum, it can simply be transformed into stove: to heat, to boil water and to cook (freeze-dried rice is included). The drums can be kept at municipal storage facilities, company offices and other such places. When a disaster happens, they can effectively be transported to the areas affected. The standardized drums are easy to carry, and can be transformed into wooden fuel cooking stoves without much effort. Once the need for them has passed, the pots can be reused in new drums.