Shoji Hair and Design V.O.F

Yasuhito and Hikaru have been running Hair Studio Picnic, a Japanese hair salon in Rotterdam since February 2015, established Shoji Hair and Design V.O.F in January 2018 and opened a branch in Amsterdam in March 2020. They participated as a creative team and had experimental styling and shooting performances at some exciting events such as Super T-market 2017 by Tomoko Mukaiyama in Amsterdam and Mono Japan 2019 in Amsterdam, while they also have been organizing some workshops and events with other creators at the shop. As a design studio, they do art direction and design of products, shops and services. Hair salon:
Hikaru Shoji (Hikaru Imamura)

Graphic designer. Hikaru studied Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University and engaged in the way-finding signage design for buildings such as hospitals and hotels at a design studio in Tokyo. After graduated Man and Activity department of Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands in 2011, where she created 'Novel Hospital Toys' and 'Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery' as graduation projects, which were both nominated for Index Design to improve life ® Award in 2013 and 2015, Hikaru worked as an experience designer for the application softwares intended for healthcare and well-being with a Dutch NPO of applied games for 5 years.